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Phoenix Shift Knobs - Custom, Wood, and Ergonomic

Our wood Shift knobs are all made by hand on a lathe. We started making wooden ones for two reasons, 1) living in a very hot climate, we know how a metal Shift knob can brand your hand, and 2) the wood knobs look so classy and add something unique to your ride. All our Shift knobs come with a jam nut and steel threaded insert that will hold your cool knob well in place.
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68 gt500 shift knob • Wood: Walnut
• Diameter: 53mm (2.12")
• Height: 46mm (1.8")
• Shape: inspired by 68-69 Mustang GT style
• Top: Tempered Glass with GT style 5-speed shift pattern
• Finish: Polished Cyanoacrylate
• Note: This one was just a proof of concept but it came out great
• Availability: Made to Order
Cougar wood shifter handle • Wood: BUBINGA
• Width: 100mm (3.95") by 30mm (1.2")
• Height: 46mm (1.8")
• Shape: Wooden Cobra / Cougar style T-handle
• Top: Cougar Syluet
• Finish: Glossy Cyanoacrylate
• Note: We Can make a similar one with different
top designs and out of different wood
• Availability: Made to Order